Let’s start a chat dialogue where we can relate and share experiences within the customer service drama we live.

Do you work in retail?

What was the worst experience you have had without naming names?

Will you maintain a career within the industry or are you looking to jump?


Sit and chat for a moment






3 thoughts on “#RetailWhorrorStories

  1. Once worked on a checkout in a supermarket that had a woman who walked across a 300 meter car park unaided, demanded a ride on electric wheelchair (which was provided) then put £500 of shopping in her large basket on the front of it (mainly frozen and chilled items that could not go back once out for 20 minutes), and when she got to my checkout, she demanded she was given the entire lot for £20 as she only brought a £20 note….. when that suggestion was declined she spent 25 mins arguing and screaming at both managers and security who eventually asked her to leave (as she was clearly just causing disruption and had little intention of spending even the £20).
    After she was asked to leave and was given the chance to ride the wheelchair to the exit where they offered to help her to her car if she wished it, she URINATED all over the wheelchair while she sat there, turned to the manager and said “A little something for you to remember me by for being a bastard son of Hitler!” and got up and walked her urine soaked self off back to her car, again, completely unaided or struggling to walk! She never spent a single penny, a wheelchair needed to be taken out of duty and sterilised and electrically tested for water damage, and £500 of stock had to be thrown into the bin because it was too defrosted to put back safely to sell.


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