#WTF #DearCustomer & the #BitchSlap



I confess while you rant @me, innocent me, who is trying to earn a decent living, providing for a home and family that strange, twisted thoughts flit through my mind. I wonder if degrading me, my profession, the shirt I hastily put on @5am in the dark to make my shift on-time, never having called in sick for the past 3 years, makes you feel stronger, invincible. As the ‘Incredible Hulk,’ you, dear customer, grow before my eyes as the horrible spittle spills from your mouth and your 5-year-old-child watches your tirade with wide wonderous eyes. Has your life so gotten away from you that hitting below the belt is your new form of sport? Berating an individual who cannot talk back. All of this unnecessary drama and energy because the item you seek is out of stock and I promise NO bearing on me, “28 Ways to Determine If You are a Complete Ass.”

In this case-I am afraid you are…



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